Cures for Parkinson’s disease



A few years back, chronic diseases were considered not to be treatable at any cost. It was believed that once these diseases happen they do not leave the person till he or she dies. At the same time we know that medical science is all the time engaged in getting more and more ways for the treatment of diseases and to make lives of the human beings healthier and better. The most recent bio technique which also guarantees to treat chronic diseases is known as stem cell therapy. Cannabinoidonlinesales Some of the chronic diseases which can now be treated with the help of this technique are as follows: chronic cardiac disease, pulmonary diseases, lung replacement, spinal cord diseases, autism, organ replacement like liver and renal, hepatitis, permanent cure for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, retinitis, kidney disorders, immune deficiency, stroke, cancer, nephrology treatment, cochlear implants, dermatomyositis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Parkinson’s is one of these chronic diseases.

Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder. Symptoms of this disease are lack of motor coordination, memory loss, decreased dexterity, shaking stiff muscles, insomnia and confusion etc. Today this disease is curable with the help of stem cell therapy. Stem cells are basically those immature cells which have the tendency to differentiate into different cells and then to develop in to different types of cells. These cells are self renewable and self replicable. Cannabinoidonlinesales If we see a section of the brain cells of the person suffering from Parkinson’s disease we will come to know that there are certain lines missing in the brain which are usually present in the brains of normal people. It is believed that injecting stem cells in such parts of the brain can cure this ailment. After getting treated, the patient feels like tremors are gone forever, his body is felt relaxed and he walks more easily. In short the symptoms of the disease get removed.

Let us see how this technique of stem cell therapy works. Stem cells are injected in the body. Once on injection they get dispersed and start multiplying by the millions and millions. These growth factors in assistance to blood vessel start producing new cells. These new cells replace the older and disease causing cells in the body. In this way the particular person feels better. These cells continue dividing for the rest of the life of the person over time.There is no doubt that this is a very successful technique in treating chronic diseases and there are controversies all around the world. Some people think that it is unsafe to get cells form one’s body and then to inject in to another body. It is due to this reason that this type of treatment is not available in all the countries. There are only some countries which provide this treatment. The important thing to bear in mind is that it is safe.


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