About Hepatitis A, and the New Treatment Option!



In this article, we will give some information on the hepatitis A vaccine, the pros and cons of it, and also discuss the new hepatitis A treatment option, discovered in 2009, which is completely herbal, and anyone can apply it themselves at home. Daily4blog




With an estimated annual number of victims of HAV across the globe touching the figure of 10 million, Hepatitis A continues to endanger world population in numerous countries of the world. This virus is mainly transmitted through unhygienic food and water supplies; therefore, it is not surprising at all that the spread of Hepatitis A virus is most likely in underdeveloped nations in Africa, Asia and Central America.

If you are used to drinking unpurified water, then there is no reason to believe that you are immune to getting infected with Hepatitis A virus. However, you can still afford to take a sigh of relief if you have received Hepatitis A vaccination. Despite the global threat of this disease the good thing is that if proper vaccination is given, the infected can be cured without any major damage. Here is some useful information about Hepatitis A vaccine that will be useful to you in safeguarding your family against this virus. Daily4blog

The Hepatitis A vaccine originated in United States in the mid of the decade of 1990s. Till this day, there are two Hepatitis A vaccinations that are recommended by approved medical institutions such as FDA or Food and Drug Administration. HAVRIX developed by

 GlaxoSmithKline in 1995 and VAQTA developed by MERCK in the following year are two approved and highly recommended Hepatitis A vaccinations being used throughout the world.

Basically, the vaccine for Hepatitis A contains the virus of the disease but in an inactivated form. To put it in an easier way, by exposing human body to Hepatitis A virus, although in an inactivated form, the body’s immune system is trained to create antibodies against the virus. In medical terms human body’s response to the dose of HAV vaccine is referred to as ‘active immunity’. What about hepatitis a vaccine, and it’s usage in children? In case of grown up children and adults, this vaccine is given by injecting the fleshy area of the upper arm, while the same injection is given in thigh muscle to infant children. Doctors recommend two doses of Hepatitis A virus vaccine for complete prevention of the infection. Generally, it is recommended that a period of at least six months should lapse between the first and the second dose.


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